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Journey Through Change Italy Trip

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Journey Through Change Italy Trip




Journey Through Change was established in 2011 after a series of long walking trips all over the world where I was inspired by the idea of organizing similar such trips with groups of women who would share the same life altering experiences.


Hala & Life

Hala & Life is a YouTube show hosted by me, Hala Kazim, showcasing the different struggles that several people experience in life, but rarely talk about. I address these topics with my guests, and break down the causes, effects and solutions in a transparent and honest conversation, including a consultation with an expert in the field.

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I am incredibly grateful for my journey through change that started when I used to follow my mentor Hala. She was always there for me in all circumstances I went through, from losing a close one to my heart and other ones. This journey through change gave me an added value to my life, I became more confident and overcame the difficulty in making new social relationships. 

Thank you Mrs. Hala, my dearest Dia, and all the participants of this trip, you are now like my sisters. I really enjoyed my time with you and I hope to see you again soon.

Mona- United Arab Emirates

Greece June 2021


Good morning. There’s no words enough to describe what I am feeling but for the very first time in a short period of time I make friends that fast and feel comfortable around them.

Thank you all for the beauty of your souls and the smile of your hearts despite everything you’ve been through.

Thank you, Mrs. Hala, for unleashing the strength and inner light within us.

Dr. Amani Mahboub- KSA

Greece June 2021


Thank you Mrs. Hala for this amazing trip with the best activities and great people.
I admire your wisdom, insight, strength, and freedom of thought. May God bless you
Also, thank you, Dia, for arranging everything and taking care of me, there is no one like you ever Mashallah

I wish you all reach the change in your life that you want for the better after this amazing trip
I hope we meet again soon.

Khouloud Alhousaynan- KSA

Greece June 2021

To my own surprise, I learned how to assess and manage any future obstacles that may come my way during my journey through life. I learned that my mind, body and soul are all equally important. Investing & preserving those parts of myself is the cornerstone to a happy & healthy life emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Journey Through Change in Spain was a journey of life in a week time, interns of all of its beautiful moments & challenges. We have visited new places and met different people. Some of them were like us and others were completely different. During the journey, you will find a new born person inside of you, other than the one you used to live with... a person who isn't limited with the norms and in the same time respects the traditions...

Ameera Al Hadad

Spain 2016

Words cannot justify the amazing experience I had with the participants and the expert counsellors. The workshops were really enlightening and educational, the joy to cook with everyone, and hiking for hours in the natural while observing the surroundings made me realize the beauty of life.

Yasmeen Al Shyoukh

Italy, 2016

The happiest moment of my life
The moment of the radical change that happened to me, I became more flexible with the people surrounding me.
Grateful and always thankful for Mrs. Hala, god bless her

Professor Hala sheikh

To be honest the lecture was amazing and fruitful as usual… I am grateful for all the information and valuable notes I have learned.