Hala Kazim

The Founder of Journey Through Change (JTC)

I believe that our life experiences make us who we are.

Today, as a mother, a wife, a grandmother and a life educational coach I devote my time to changing people's lives after I succeeded in changing my own life for the better. I have managed to find a balanced lifestyle coupled with a realistic and practical sense of well-being and positivity.I have also come to realize that even though educational qualifications are not the only requirements for development in life, nevertheless, I strive to expand my knowledge and horizons and earned an accredited certificate in consulting and training from City University in London, UK and a certificate as a trainer in the field of neural programming from the American Board in London, United Kingdom.

Establishment of Journey Through Change

In 2011, I discovered a deeper, more significant meaning to my life with which I could focus and use all my passion, energy and commitment, namely, the establishment of “Journey Through Change”. The journey which I had begun alone I decided, must be shared with women looking for a ray of hope in their lives and allow me to hold their hands outside their comfort zones in search of new horizons beyond our intellectual boundaries.

The Journey Change program was specially designed to put us on the path of change we have always strived to be on and one of the ways to achieve this is by long-distance walking trips around the world combined with training, workshops and lectures . On each trip I do my part by taking care of each participant individually as I have learned that the best coaching and consultation sessions are those that are given on long distant hiking trips where each individual is free to really explore and discover the challenges they face in their lives.

This journey of change is my life's passion combined with a deep love of social service and a sense that each and every conversation brings us closer together in a meaningful and sincere way. In this way, I made sure that my program covered all areas of an individual's emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

I began this journey as an artist and can honestly say that all art holds a deep and holistic meaning for me. In my early days I focused on a variety of artistic styles and techniques and eventually established my first company called “My Private Collection” and was lucky to hold several exhibitions all over the world including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia as well as Harrods Department Store, London, United Kingdom.

Awards & Books

I believe that the greatest reward is love and appreciation from people for services joyously rendered. Journey through Change has changed my life and has been immensely fulfilling both to me and to many of the woman that I have worked with and as a result I am very grateful to have received some of the following awards and recognitions as a result of this journey :

  • Most Influential Arab Woman DIAFA Award 2022
  • Kindness advocate of Instagram in 2020
  • Arab woman of the Year, 2018, in category of New Media in U.A.E
  • Arab Woman of the Year, 2017, award achievements in “Motivation & Well-being” in London, UK.
  • Chosen and selected by Google and the United Nations as one of the most influential social media personalities in the Arab world in a global event called #MyVoiceMatters, 2015.
  • Emirates Award for Creativity in the field of Community Service, 2014.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Best Business Woman of the Year, 2013.

To date I am busy with ongoing talks and discussions on several matters via my social media channels and platforms that address key issues facing women today which keeps me close to my audience whilst also promoting transparency and openness by interacting and brainstorming in a public forum.

My publications share my closest personal life experiences which I have shared with those who wish to travel the same journey. To date, I have written two books, namely:

  • Hala and Change – This book was written in 2015 and talks about my earlier beginnings and reflects a great deal on my earlier personal experiences and highlights the key events and motivations that were behind the establishment of Journey Through Change.
  • Hala and Life – Published in 2017, contains reflections on self and society. I made sure to share a diverse series of live experiences that I felt were important to my audience. In each book I try to share as many feelings and perceptions that will, I hope, benefit and touch their lives as much as possible.