Journey Through Change

Establishment of JTC

Journey Through Change was established in 2011 after a series of long walking trips all over the world where I was inspired by the idea of organizing similar such trips with groups of women who would share the same life altering experiences.

As the idea developed, I included special training seminars, workshops and lectures that aimed to open new areas of thought and expression that would lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life for each of my participants.

The Value of JTC

Over the years, the value of Journey Through Change became apparent from the visibly and positively changed lives of the many women who participated from all corners of the Arab world in our programs and long hiking trips all over the world. Each one of these women contributed and shared her experience, strength and hope each for their own personal reasons in order to pursue positive change.

The success of Journey Through Change allows self-discovery because people are able to switch off and separate from the normal cycle of life and daily pressures, thus allowing them to develop a clearer mental and intellectual clarity in this journey to self.

Without a doubt, each and every trip with my participants has added to my knowledge and understanding as I strive to be involved in every step and personally ensure that all the women in my group are encouraged and that every detail is taken care of in the best possible manner.

My primary objective has always been to constantly encourage these women to reflect deeply on their lives and to find and recognize that they have the strength to adopt positive change in their daily lives that will allow them to discover balance and happiness and thus feel more productive in their day-to-day activities.

The value of Journey Through Change also lies in the environment that our participants are in, which includes different countries and cultures which make us realize that we are all very similar in many ways and that we can share and exchange our individual experiences and learn from one another in a positive way. It is because of this that each trip is a unique and enjoyable experience for each, and every individual involved in our training sessions and workshops.

Current trips are limited to women only. However, Journey Through Change organizes corporate events that include lectures, workshops, and group work activities that bring in and attract the largest possible segments of society. These events revolve around several topics, the most important of which are happiness and positivity. The events are organized either at the headquarters of Journey Through Change or on the site of partnering companies.